How to create a questionnaire? |

Market research: 4 tips on customer surveys


Primary research asks, “Why would someone buy your product or service?” There are many services online, some of which are free, that allow you to put together a survey form that you can use as a questionnaire. Design questions that address a need for your product or service. You are asking people to give their time, and they will be more willing if that chore is not too onerous.

Generally, a questionnaire should elicit information that addresses four points. The answers will determine your marketing strategy.

  1. Who is the customer or client?
  2. What is their problem, and how does your product or service solve it?
  3. What does the customer perceive to be the benefits of your product or service?
  4. How do they typically find out about your solution to their problem?

With this information, you can craft a strong benefit statement, or pitch, that will form the heart of the marketing section of your business plan.

The marketing section of your business plan should succinctly describe the business opportunity (the market) and how you are planning to access that opportunity (the marketing strategy).