4 steps to go global

Follow these four steps to plan your expansion into foreign markets

2 minutes read

Discover four key steps for taking your business globally—from assessing your readiness to selecting the right market and executing a successful entry strategy. Find out which questions you should be asking and which actions you should be taking.

4 reasons to go international

Entering foreign markets can be a rewarding and highly profitable step in the growth of any business, but entrepreneurs need to make sure their company is fully prepared. Underestimate the challenges and you could find yourself struggling in unknown territory.

There any many reasons for taking your business international: Canada is a relatively small market, the "made in Canada" brand has strong global appeal, and research shows that exports can help companies boost sales and profits. But successful global expansion demands significant planning, research and preparation. In this infographic, you'll discover four essential steps for optimizing your entry strategy—including the different questions you should be asking and the actions you should be taking.

For any business, the first step is to assess its readiness. Start by asking yourself why you want to expand abroad. What you can offer a foreign market? Does your company have the right mindset and necessary resources? Take time to carry out a rigorous assessment of your business.

Once you're sure your company is ready, you'll need to research and select the right market for your business—and then plan a solid entry strategy. This requires hands-on research, spending time contacting potential clients, distributors and partners. The final step is to implement your plan with a visit to the country, where you'll meet partners and negotiate terms for your business.