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What is it?

A solid business continuity plan is essential to minimize disruption in the event of an emergency, such as a disease outbreak, cyberattack or natural disaster.

This tool will help you

  • Prepare to deal with an emergency

    Create and maintain an up-to-date continuity plan to ensure you have the resources and information needed to deal with an emergency.

  • Minimize the risk that an emergency may pose

    Avoid lengthy and costly interruptions to your operations and decrease risks for your employees, clients and partners.


Multiple documents


Business strategy and planning

Who is it for?


Oversee the plan to ensure it covers everything that needs to be done to safeguard the operations of your business.

Risk managers

Lead the creation of the plan to mitigate the potential effects of an emergency.

Operations managers

Rank and evaluate services to see if they are essential, make a plan to maintain essential services and activity, list critical or key employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and support providers.

HR managers

See how you can decrease risks for the employees in the event of an emergency.

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