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Using an ERP system to support continued growth

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Using an ERP system to support continued growth

Alexandria Moulding supplies retail chain stores, lumberyards, buying groups, wholesalers, and industrial clients throughout North America. It counts Home Depot as one of its largest customers.

It currently has 750 employees spread across multiple locations in Canada and the U.S. Despite many challenges, the company has managed to grow steadily over the years, moving its production into an expanded facility in Alexandria, Ontario, in 2014.

A key to this success has been investing in technology. With the help of BDC, the company introduced an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help manage the company’s data pertaining to accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, planning, forecasting and so on.

ERP system helps manage growth

The ERP system quickly became a crucial tool, providing company management with greater control over the business. "It’s the backbone of the company in a sense," says Chief Financial Officer Jacques Cholette. "The ERP system is more efficient than its predecessor and provides better information to support future growth."

Implementing an ERP system can be a daunting task for many companies because of the time and expense required, and the large number of competing products on the market.

As well, companies must continue operations as they test and launch their new ERP system. To make it pay off, it’s important to seek unbiased advice and to choose the right system—one that is aligned with your needs and strategic plan.

Overcame challenges

To overcome these challenges, Alexandria Moulding adopted a tiered strategy that slowly brought in the software.

"We’re trying to achieve small successes first by putting our big toe in the water before jumping in," Cholette says. "That being said, we’re very excited about the productivity gains."

Family relationships evolve

Several members of the family are involved in the business. This includes Jacques’s brother, André, the company’s CEO.

"We have different personalities and skill sets, which I think is important because there’s a lot of value in understanding each other’s perspectives," Jacques Cholette says.

For instance, when it came time to choose a new ERP system, many family members had their say on the topic.

Moving forward, Cholette is confident the new system, combined with his family’s ability to work together, will contribute to Alexandria Moulding’s continued success.