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1. Monthly Economic Letter Economic letter

October 2021 - The pressure for higher wages due to labour shortages is already being felt by many entrepreneurs. Where will wages go next year and what impact will they have on the economy and your business?

2. Peak Power

Peak Power is a climate tech company that enables contributors to climate change to be a part of the solution.

3. Monthly Economic Letter Economic letter

November 2021 - A successful energy transition will not be painless and will bring a host of challenges for societies. As we navigate through the necessary changes, what impact will the transition have on businesses and the economic environment?

4. Monthly Economic Letter Economic letter

December 2021 - Economic growth relies heavily on household spending. While household wealth has increased during the pandemic, there remains much uncertainty about how vulnerable consumers are to financial setbacks. With inflation rising, the real estate market in a frenzy and interest rate hikes looming, how well positioned are Canadian households to support the economy in 2022?

6. Monthly Economic Letter Economic letter

February 2022 - The recession caused by the pandemic and the recovery that’s still underway have brought new economic concerns to the forefront for many entrepreneurs. Among these is a sharp rise in commodity prices. While these increases are generally good for Canada’s export performance and therefore its economic growth, they are a major issue for many entrepreneurs. Will these price increases continue in 2022?

9. Monthly Economic Letter Economic letter

March 2022 - After two years of pandemic, Canadian entrepreneurs were finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Provincial authorities across the country have finally announced a cessation of health restrictions in the coming months. Now, a new source of uncertainty is hitting the economy—the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Beyond their concern about the human tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, many businesspeople are wondering how this war and the sanctions imposed on Russia will affect the Canadian economy and their company.

10. Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI)

The Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI) recapitalizes and launches Canadian capital funds with a combination of government and private investor contributions.

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