Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.


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1. The Response: How Entrepreneurs Are Adapting to the Pandemic

Find out how the crisis is changing the habits of Canadians and what entrepreneurs are doing to adapt to this new context.

2. 6 reasons Canada's tech entrepreneurs can feel confident about the future Blog

Discover six areas of strength that will help position the Canadian tech sector to make even greater strides as the recovery gathers steam.

Thomas Park

By Thomas Park

3. Canadian Entrepreneur Mental Health and Well-Being Report: November 2020

Discover how the pandemic has affected the mental health of Canadian business owners and get tips to cope with stress in this difficult environment.

4. What past recessions can teach us about the effect of COVID on Canada’s VC sector Blog

The last two recessions had a large negative effect on VC in Canada. However, we shouldn’t think that past trends will be repeated in this downturn.

Thomas Park

By Thomas Park

5. 3 steps to manage stress and build resilience

Learn how to evaluate your stress level to find concrete solutions and build your resilience. Avoid the risk of burnout and other results of out-of-control stress.

6. Why digital investments could fuel the recovery in Alberta and Saskatchewan Blog

A BDC survey of 500 entrepreneurs shows that digital technologies could help them emerge from the recession stronger and better positioned for growth.

Pierre Cléroux: Vice President,Research and Chief Economist

By Pierre Cléroux

7. From deep tech to unicorns: Looking for the next wave of Canadian high-growth tech ventures Blog

Deep tech businesses take longer to develop, but are disproportionately more impactful than traditional VC-backed firms.

Thomas Park

By Thomas Park

8. Technology industry outlook

This free report looks at how changes in the economy affect Canada’s tech sector. An easy transition to remote work, continuity of service and new demand from all sectors for IT solutions bode well for the tech industry.

9. How can we generate larger VC exits in Canada? Blog

Many people believe that Canadian VC companies are underfunded. We take a hard look at the data to see what is really going on.

Jonathan Shaanan

By Jonathan Shaanan

10. Entrepreneurs can strengthen their well-being with their daily routines

Entrepreneurs experience a significant level of stress daily. Learn how to strengthen your well-being and build moments of joy into your routine by following these 6 tips.

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