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We understand the challenges of driving your business

It's difficult to grow your business when long payment patterns put pressure on your cash flow and qualified personnel are scarce. With global competition on the rise, you need to invest in technology to improve your efficiency and ability to compete. We can help boost your business, as well as your financial and operational capacity.

Solutions for your industry

Financing tailored to your needs

  • Access working capital to meet growing demand
  • Invest in automation, training, sales, etc.
  • Fulfill large orders with Purchase Order financing

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Advisory services to run a better business

  • Optimize the entire value stream
  • Boost operational capacity
  • Diversify your operations into new markets

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We can help you meet your goals

Benefit from flexible terms and expert advice

Higher percentage of financing

Longer repayment periods

Payments matched to your cash flow

Seasoned advisors who know your industry

Articles and tools


Robotics and automation in metal fabrication and automotive manufacturing: How to get started

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Harnessing the Power of Industrial Automation and Robotics


5 secrets for reducing employee turnover

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Selling Your Business

With the help of BDC, we were able to get our team fully onboard with our operational efficiency efforts. This led to impressive results that everybody can be proud of!

Perry Rizzo - CEO of Axiom Group

The GDP experience makes you 100 times better as a leader and CEO than you could ever imagine. It’s like having an expert board of directors.

Bema Panels

As a result of BDC’s support, our operational efficiency efforts were able to get all of our staff working together with a common goal.

BDC can finance the cost of advisory services.

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