Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Commercial real estate professional

Have your clients outgrown their business space and are looking to purchase or build new premises? BDC may be able to finance construction and related costs from the beginning of your project to completion.

Helping your clients expand and modernize

  • Purchase of land and buildings by owner-operators or real-estate suppliers
  • Building of new premises; possibility of combining a construction loan and the long-term mortgage
  • Expanding existing premises
  • Improving existing or rented premises

BDC also offers long-term financing solutions for equipment purchases and working capital.

Our flexible financing and repayment terms

  • Long-term repayment schedules may be progressive or seasonal to protect client cash flow.
  • Principle payments may be deferred until after your client has moved into the premises.
  • Interest rates can be either floating or fixed.
  • No-penalty repayment option up to 15% of the remaining balance each year.
  • Term is guaranteed and the loan cannot be recalled without due cause.

Protecting client cash flow

Our long-term financing solutions are designed to protect client cash flow with an increased percentage of financing and unique flexible loan features.

We also understand that time is money, so we can pre-qualify your client for financing.

What we need to evaluate a project

NB: Additional supporting documents may be required in some cases.

Instructions to fill in the forms

  1. Right-click on the link, choose 'Save target as' and save a copy in a directory of your choice
  2. Open the template and fill in the form
  3. Save and print the completed form
  4. Sign it and fax it in

How BDC can help your clients?

Are your clients looking for advice?

We offer a full range of affordable and results-driven services to help:

  • Drive growth
  • Maximize investment
  • Improve productivity and plant layout
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Sharpen competitive edge
  • Increase revenues

Your clients can benefit from the know-how of BDC's specialized management consultants to design new premises that increase productivity and efficiency.

What's more, BDC can finance the cost of consulting fees.

Help your clients take the next step