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A partner entrepreneurs can count on

We offer long-term financing for additional working capital and acquisition needs for your clients at every stage of their growth. We share the risk with traditional lenders so you can give your clients increased financing support when they need it.

Collaborate with us when your clients:

  • Have reached the limit of their line of credit due to rapid growth and/or efforts to innovate
  • Have a project with a security shortfall
  • Need financing with no fixed assets as guarantees
  • Generate strong cash flow allowing for a term loan
  • Are in the start-up phase with realistic market and sales potential

Key markets

Manufacturing and transformation
Business services

Why recommend us

  • We are relationship-focused and known for our attentive and trustworthy team of advisors
  • We look at your clients’ business as a whole, including management expertise, potential for growth and project viability
  • We optimize your clients’ financial resources by offering repayment terms tailored to their business cycle and needs
  • Our lending terms are designed to give your clients added financial control, flexibility, and operating efficiency
  • In addition to financing, we can also offer your clients advice on a range of business topics
  • Our loans are non-demand

Let’s work together

Interested in learning more about collaborating with us? Get in touch and we can walk you through the next steps.