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Technology advisory services

Information and communications technologies (ICT) are revolutionizing the capabilities of companies like yours, making them more productive, efficient, profitable and competitive. Discover how to maximize your ICT investment with our technology consulting services.


Technology Investment Plan

The easy way to purchase technology solutions

Get the guidance you need to purchase a technology solution aligned with your business needs. Includes a list of BDC-qualified vendors and solutions.

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Technology Action Plan

Get the most out of your technology investments

Get a clear assessment of your current IT assets and an action plan to align your business and IT strategies.

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System Selection Support

Find the right technology system for your business

Get the support you need to make an informed decision about your next technology system using a proven, unbiased approach. We provide powerful vendor and technology selection tools.

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Technology Contract Review

Get an independent review of your system software contract

Are you about to purchase system software with implementation services? If so, chances are the contract will contain a lot of technical jargon and industry norms, making it challenging to understand.

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