Growth Driver Program

Advisory services for high-impact firms

Grow your business faster and better

As a CEO, everyone looks to you for leadership and direction—but who acts as your sounding board when you’re deciding what that direction should be?

Work directly with a seasoned leader who has experience overcoming the challenges of a growing business, and is supported by an extensive network of peers, analysts, and resources. Then, identify and develop the skills you’ll need to lead your business to the next level.

If you’re running a mid-sized company with a track record of rapid growth, the Growth Driver Program helps you:

  • Get advice from an expert with extensive leadership experience
  • Identify and pursue the best avenues for growth
  • Align, plan, and execute your growth strategy
  • Access a wide network of analysts, specialists, and services
  • Benefit from long-term and personalized support
  • Develop your skills for the next phase of growth
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World-class team of seasoned leaders

Your Executive Advisor is part of a larger team of professionals that has 150 years of combined executive management experience. As your primary contact for the duration of the program, your advisor helps you tap into their expertise and proven aptitude for business growth.

Long-term support and knowledge transfer with our three-phase approach:

1. Growth strategy formulation

  • Assess current strategy and capabilities, financial readiness, and market environment
  • Identify the most promising growth avenues based on completed assessment
  • Develop three-year growth strategy

2. Action plan development

  • Identify strategic and operational priorities
  • Develop action plan aligned with your budget and operations
  • Specify accountabilities per initiative
  • Establish measures to monitor performance

3. Action plan implementation / Leadership development

  • Ongoing support throughout the strategy execution phase
  • Referrals to experts, suppliers, and resources as needs arise
  • Review and recalibrate strategic plan to address emerging outcomes
  • Organize leadership and growth management educational retreats

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