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Dominate virtual preliminary interviews

Remote interviews are not that different from face-to-face interviews. Find out how to prepare and succeed brilliantly.

At BDC, we strive to make the recruitment process easier and to provide you with a positive experience. That is why we conduct online screening interviews for certain positions, allowing you to discuss in a calm and focused environment.

We will contact you to schedule an appointment and provide you with the login link to use for the interview. Of course, we value your success, and this is a great opportunity to ask any questions about the position and to communicate your accommodation needs (adapting the technology used, adjusting the interview environment, etc.).

Does your preparation have to be different from a traditional interview?

As a general rule, follow the same guidelines we provided for in-person interviews. Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Make sure you download the necessary platform, test your equipment and lighting before the interview begins. Avoid last-minute technical problems that could affect your performance.
  • Choose a professional setting. It is a good idea to set up in a distraction-free area and to opt for a neutral background.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Pay particular attention to your non-verbal language.
1. Submit your online application

Visit our job portal to find out which vacancies match your profile. Create your Workday account and apply online now. Come bank at another level.

2. Pre-selection interview

If your application has caught our attention, we will contact you to invite you to conduct a virtual pre-selection interview, depending on the position.

3. First interview

You have passed the first selection stage, and now we would like to get to know you better. You will meet the hiring leader during this interview, where you will have the opportunity to showcase your application and ask questions about the position you are applying for and about BDC.

At the end of the interview, you may be asked to solve a case study, to complete a psychometric test or to take other assessments depending on the position.

4. Second interview

The second interview is your chance to talk to the manager of the leader you met at the first interview. This is your last chance to showcase your application and to bank at another level.

5. Verification of your pre-employment information

We check the accuracy of your application information.

6. Hire

Congratulations and welcome to BDC! At BDC, you will have rewarding experiences and you will help Canadian businesses grow. Thank you for banking at another level.

Professional tips

  • Lighting: Avoid any kind of light source behind you, because it may reflect on your computer screen.
  • Similarly, avoid facing a window if the interview is in broad daylight.
  • Essential: stay yourself, the key to impress remains authenticity.