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Tolias Landscaping & Plowing Inc. and BDC: The benefits of a long-term relationship and how assion and ambition fuel growth


Tolias Landscaping & Plowing Inc.

Peter Tolias was only in his early twenties when he decided to start a landscaping and plowing business for high‑rise buildings, townhouses and commercial and industrial properties in the Mississauga, Ontario area.

Young and ambitious, he was also passionate about his business and its potential for growth. BDC became a supporter right from the business’ early days in 2002 and has formed a long term relationship with Tolias.

Tolias’ initial need was to purchase a fleet of vehicles, so BDC assisted with an Equipment Line. Later, a working capital loan and an Xpansion loan supported the landscaping and plowing business through various stages of growth. When Tolias decided to set up headquarters on a seven acre piece of property, BDC offered 100% loan‑to‑value, 25‑year commercial real estate financing to ensure Tolias’ long‑term business sustainability and prosperity.

Tolias Landscaping and Plowing continues to prosper. The business’ sales have increased by 20‑30% every year since becoming a BDC client. The company also expanded to offer its services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. With its new headquarters, Tolias can now house all equipment and staff in one location and still has room for growth.

While Tolias is involved with other lenders, he appreciates BDC’s added value and the long‑term relationship. “BDC was there for us from the beginning, with financing and solutions that have helped us grow our company, remain competitive in our market and achieve our goals every year,” he says.