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In October 2011, Irving Shipbuilding won the $25 billion contract to build 21 ships for the Canadian Navy. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) offers unique advisory services and financing solutions that can help your business participate and benefit from this historic contract.


Advisory services

Our network of experienced consultants provides advice and expertise to businesses, in areas such as:

Operational efficiency: ISO certification, process improvement and waste reduction.

Human resources management: retention and recruitment strategies, workplace health and safety plans.

Technology: system selection, technology investment and action plans.

Sales and marketing: market research, sales and marketing diagnostic, brand identity, internet marketing strategy.

Business planning and management: strategic planning, business coaching.

Financing solutions

Our lending terms are designed to give your company added financial control, flexibility and operating efficiency.

Purchase equipment; up to 100% financing of the cost of new or used equipment, and the possibility of an additional 25% financing for related expenses such as transportation, installation and training.

Invest in growth projects such as expanding your market, investing in technology, launching a new marketing campaign, developing new products, purchasing licenses, hiring and training additional employees, and more.

Access working capital to boost your inventory to support increased sales, take advantage of suppliers’ discounts or complement your line of credit.

Get a technology loan, with flexible terms and conditions, to invest in hardware, software, advisory services including Internet solutions to boost your online sales.

Purchase commercial real estate, build or expand existing owned premises; opportunity for a higher percentage of financing and longer amortization period.

Contact us at 1-800-452-5531 or visit www.bdc.ca/businesscentres to locate your nearest business centre.