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Revêtements Illusion and BDC: Growing with the market


Revêtements Illusion

The metal pre-treatment and finishing sector is booming. With stricter environmental requirements, the use of powdered coatings is surging in the real estate and industrial sectors.

Based in Terrebonne, Quebec, Revêtements Illusion offers electrostatic powder coating finishing services for the architectural sector, as well as custom solutions for the industrial sector for such applications as curtain walls and architectural panelling.

When it first started out, the company offered finishing services mainly to local businesses and only for the industrial sector. Today, it also offers architectural finishing services and operates at full capacity.

The company turned to BDC for financing. Its objective was to free up cash to purchase new equipment and increase production. BDC and Canada Economic Development (CED) then participated in a second round of financing which enabled the company to acquire an additional specialized system and double its production capacity.

Revêtements Illusion also used the financing to review its logistics. The company was able to achieve significant efficiency gains by consolidating all of its activities into one 17,000-square foot building instead of three separate locations.

Revêtements Illusion is now positioned as a major player in the architectural finishing industry. “Thanks to BDC’s customized solutions and support, we can strengthen our strategic positioning and reach our objectives,” say Katty Gariépy and Attila Horvath, owners of Revêtements Illusion. “BDC is a preferred partner with whom we have forged a relationship based on trust.”