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Proforma Triple Crown Media and BDC: Growing staff and sales

Tim Breadner, Proforma Triple Crown Media

Helping companies grow and succeed through creative marketing and brand management solutions is what Proforma Triple Crown Media is all about. A one-stop source for all marketing needs, Proforma offers its customers an array of printing and promotional products, along with related graphics, as well as e-commerce solutions, multimedia services and total project management.

Tim Breadner, owner of the Grimsby, Ontario-based company, contacted the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for assistance. He wanted to grow the company by hiring more salespeople and customer service staff. Breadner knew his plan was a good one, but he was concerned that hiring more people could affect the company’s working capital.

A BDC account manager met with Breadner and, after analyzing the company’s strengths and challenges, provided Proforma with a Market Xpansion LoanTM. BDC’s help allowed Breadner to comfortably hire more salespeople and virtual assistants—workers who help clients remotely, usually from a home office—in the customer service department without dipping into the company’s working capital.

As a result, Proforma has experienced a 44 % growth in sales over the same period last year. In fact, because of BDC’s help, Proforma’s latest goal is to achieve $1 million in sales over the next year. Says Breadner: “The BDC team was amazing. I no longer worry about our financials and can now concentrate on making sales calls and earning new business. It’s a breath of fresh air.”