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PIER 61 Bar & Grill and BDC: A recipe for success

PIER 61 Bar & Grill and BDC: A recipe for success

After retiring with 30 years of industrial food manufacturing under his belt, Joseph L. Medeiros still had a passion for the food industry. That’s why he, along with Ahmad Baghdadi, a very talented chef who just happened to be a part of the family, set their entrepreneurial sights on a new restaurant venture that would stand out from the competition.

Located in an ideal waterfront location in the well-known historic community of Port Dalhousie in St. Catharines, Ontario, the restaurant—called PIER 61 Bar & Grill—would provide freshly prepared Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with great presentation and exceptional service, all at reasonable prices. All Joseph needed was a financial partner that would understand his passion and commitment. He contacted the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

BDC Financing specialist met with Joseph and his wife Maria and offered financing to help with leaseholds, equipment purchases and upgrades, such as new floors, booths and lighting. With BDC’s help, PIER 61 Bar & Grill opened its doors on December 9, 2013, offering great food, excellent service and casual waterfront dining with flair. After just a few months, the locally owned and family-run PIER 61 Bar & Grill has been receiving great reviews and a steadily increasing number of customers.

Says Joseph: “BDC has made our dream possible—and BDC’s continued support has allowed us to reach our goal.”