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Omega Environmental Drilling Ltd. and BDC: A partnership for growth

Omega Environmental Drilling Ltd.

When it comes to professional environmental and geotechnical drilling, Omega Environmental Drilling does it all. Well-known across British Columbia and Alberta for its expertise, Omega uses the latest equipment (such as an M5D rubber track rig custom-built for difficult terrain and smaller spaces, and the first Geoprobe® Sonic Drill Rig in Canada) for its work on commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential properties. In addition to groundwater-monitoring well installations, Omega also provides sub-slab and steel vapour probe installations and concrete/asphalt coring.

The company, which operates under stringent safety and environmental standards, offers can partner with engineering firms to provide sample collection and documentation, lab reports, and detailed final reports for competitive environmental investigation projects.

But it wasn’t always that way. When the operator-owners started up the company in 2009, they turned to BDC for help. BDC provided Omega with financing for the purchase of specialized drilling equipment and with working capital loans to bridge the receivables turnover.

Since then, BDC has helped the company with the purchase of another drill rig, a necessary tool for meeting client demand and staying current with industry technology. Today, Omega continues to grow. The company, which started off with only the owner-operators, now has six full-time employees, and revenues in fiscal 2013 have grown by 486% since inception.

“Without BDC’s support for our new business in a very niche market, Omega Drilling would not exist. BDC continues to support us as we grow,” says Bobby Tura, Director & Operation Manager.