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Medallion Milk and BDC: Expansion and success

Medallion Milk

When Adam Pankhurst and wife Susan Graham bought Medallion Milk in 2012, they turned to BDC for financial assistance. One year later, when the couple wanted to raise Medallion Milk’s brand awareness beyond the Winnipeg area, they turned to BDC for help in developing a website.

Medallion Milk is the only Canadian company that manufactures dry powdered milk using a proprietary method much different than the process used for instant milk. The resulting product is tasty, easy to use, high in calcium, proteins and vitamin B12, has a long shelf life, and costs 35% less than liquid milk. Given the economical options and ease of shipping the product, Pankhurst and Graham decided it was time to address both consumer and commercial markets across Canada. A knowlegeable BDC team developed a digital strategy, identified key target markets and buyer profiles for both segments, and conducted a competitive audit by reviewing comparable online best practices. BDC prepared detailed website requirements and a build plan, then developed a one-year search engine marketing and social media campaign.

Less than two weeks after its website launch, Medallion Milk received over three thousand dollars in new online orders from across Canada. Pankhurst and Graham look forward to more business as the Medallion Milk website gains recognition. “BDC was top-notch in the build, development and implementation of our website. Without BDC’s help, our results would not be as positive as they are.”