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Ken’s Carpets and BDC… A roadmap for success

Ken’s Carpets and Urban Home Style Centre

When Ryan Nemis, owner of Ken’s Carpets and Urban Home Style Centre, decided to move his Winnipeg business to a new state-of-the-art 10,000-square-foot facility that offers customers top-quality flooring, tiles, ceramics, carpeting, accent furniture, window treatments, area rugs, accessories and more, he knew there would be new challenges—but just how many came as somewhat of a surprise. That’s when Nemis turned to BDC for help.

BDC Financing played an important role in funding the land and building, and an experienced BDC Consultant worked with Nemis on effective recruitment, compensation processes and staff training as well as on financial forecasting, budgeting, time management, inventory analysis and strategic planning. In short, BDCA advisory services helped Ryan master the art of working on his business, and not just in his business.

Since then, annual sales have more than doubled at Ken’s Carpets and Urban Home Style Centre and there is a higher sense of order in the day-to-day functioning of the enterprise. As well, Nemis now has time to look for even more ways to identify new customer needs and market opportunities in order to continue to grow the business.

Says Nemis: "BDC taught me that working on your business is a journey and that systems and procedures are essential—my thanks and appreciation go out to BDC for their assistance.”