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Iplayco Corporation Ltd. and BDC, a partnership for success


Chances are that if you have children, they’ve played on Iplayco structures.

The Iplayco Corporation Ltd. is a public company (TSX-V:IPC) specialized in the design and manufacturing of play structures found in family entertainment centres, theme parks and shopping malls across North America and, more recently, in Saudi Arabia. Based in Langley, B.C. Iplayco takes great pride in its indoor and outdoor play structures, which adhere to the highest North American and international standards for structural integrity, installation requirements and product safety.

When the recession came to an end, Iplayco experienced significant growth, which required increased working capital to support growing account receivable levels and a larger inventory. Based on the strength of Iplayco’s management and dominant market position, as well as quickly improving market conditions, BDC Financing provided the company with a long-term working investment that was non-dilutive, came with a highly flexible repayment structure and required no personal guarantee—all features that were important to Iplayco. Since then, Iplayco’s stock price tripled, and the company is able to pursue continuing growth and success.

According to Iplayco’s Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary, Max Liszkowski, CA, “BDC’s funding enabled Iplayco to offer better payment terms to its customers and increase its market share, rather than limit its growth due to working capital constraints.”