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INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. and BDC - Investing in the future


When INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp., already well known across Canada for providing fully integrated Personal Pension Plans (PPPs), created the INTEGRIS PPP solution—a smarter way to save for the future—it wanted to spread the word to its target audience. In contrast to conventional RRSPs, the INTEGRIS PPP allows incorporated investors to contribute actuarially calculated amounts from gross income, giving them protection from creditors and also a wider choice of assets in which to invest. INTEGRIS, which provides PPPs to small and medium-sized business owners and incorporated professionals, including lawyers, doctors, accountants and entrepreneurs, wanted to launch a sales and marketing campaign aimed at independent investment professionals, credit unions and insurance companies. INTEGRIS turned to BDC Financing, which provided the private Toronto-based company with flexible long-term funding, allowing INTEGRIS to forge ahead with its development plans without causing unnecessary pressure on the company's cash flow. With help from BDC Financing, INTEGRIS's sales and marketing plan brought about development and growth through various channels, including a major initiative among independent financial advisors. Says INTEGRIS Chief Executive Officer Jean-Pierre Laporte: "BDC's flexibility in the structure of the financing package enabled us to continue growing while not placing undue pressure on our cash flow—we are grateful for BDC's support."