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Honeybee Centre and BDC, a sweet combination for growth

Honeybee Centre

The term busy as a bee certainly applies to Honeybee Centre, the largest supplier of honeybees to fruit crops in Western Canada. The Surrey, B.C. company operates a commercial honey farm, a country store, a Canadian Food Inspection Agency-approved honey packing facility and visitor attraction centre.

Founded in 2000, Honeybee Centre focuses on pollination of fruit crops for local growers as well as production of specialty honeys and such products as bee pollen, beeswax, infused honey spreads, nutritional supplements and beeswax candles. With its interactive Bees and Bugs Lab, annual Honeybee Festival, specialized tours, participation in the Pacific National Exhibition and the Vancouver Christmas Market and "bee wrangling" services for the North American film industry, Honeybee Centre - known for providing friendly service, great values and high-quality products - does it all.

Along with its commitment to local and international charities – Honeybee Centre President John Gibeau co-founded the Bee World Project to help people from poorer regions through beekeeping – the company is dedicated to educating the public about the importance of honeybees to the environment.

As the company grew - with $2 million in annual revenues - and with high demand for its services, Honeybee Centre turned to BDC Financing for help in purchasing bee colonies and equipment without sacrificing working capital. Honeybee Centre's gross annual profits have since grown by 30% over the past two years and forecasts call for a 15% increase in net profit for the beekeeping division over the ensuing three years.

Says Honeybee Centre President John Gibeau: "As are result of BDC's support, Honeybee Centre continues to 'bee' the number one supplier of honeybees to fruit growers in Western Canada."