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Kinetic Synergy: A healthy and successful partnership with BDC

Gavin Dobias, President, Kinetic Synergy Fitness and Wellness Studio

When Gavin Dobias began operating Kinetic Synergy Fitness and Wellness Studio from his Welland, Ontario, home five years ago, he knew even then that he wanted to take his unique personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching business to another level. And with BDC’s help, he did just that.

BDC Financing’s experts worked with Dobias in order to provide the capital for leaseholds—a five-year lease with the option to renew for another five years—as well as the necessary equipment and start-up costs.

Today, Dobias operates his new 24-hour facility from a 3,444-square-foot, fully equipped fitness training centre. It features open spaces, professional trainers, one-on-one private and personal training as well as group training and bootcamps that incorporate interval training, medicine balls, Swiss and BOSU balls, jump rope, plyometrics, corrective exercises and core strengthening programs.

Kinetic Synergy is proud to provide its growing number of customers with more than memberships—it offers leadership, allowing members to learn what it takes to be their best, by getting the education, motivation and accountability to achieve their goals. Since partnering with BDC and opening his state-of-the-art facility, Dobias has grown his client base, offering unique choices to people looking for more than just a gym.

Says Dobias: “It has been one of my life’s goals to get to this point—and I could not have done it without the financial support and advice received from the BDC team.”