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Clickback and BDC – A partnership for continuing success

Clickback and BDC

Neisoft Inc., a privately‑held software company founded in 1996, operates today under its brand name Clickback, providing email communication and hosted software solutions to organizations, large and small, across the world. The St. Catharines, Ontario company is a software‑as‑a‑service (SaaS) company and one of the leading opt‑in ESPs (Email Service Providers) in Canada and the U.S. In 2000, Clickback launched simple e‑mail blasting software that grew into a full‑featured email marketing program powered by its proprietary Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT) and used by thousands of agencies and marketers. Recently the company launched a new edition of the software, Clickback Prospector, and has become the world’s first Business Prospecting Email Service Provider (BP‑ESP) providing a professional B2B prospecting solution.

Faced with rapid growth, the company approached the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for a loan in order to fund the purchase of information and communications technology (ICT) and fuel the company’s continuing growth.

BDC Financing provided Clickback with a loan to purchase new software and hardware, allowing the company to maintain its working capital for other costs. As well, BDC Financing provided the company with an Xpansion Loan to assist in branding, database expansion, and a patent review for their software.

With BDC Financing’s help, the company has entered a new stage in its history by hiring new staff, expanding operations, increasing its reach and expanding its brand.

Says Clickback President Kyle Tkachuk: “BDC provided Clickback with a fast and effective solution to fund our rapid growth.”