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CDG Coast Dynamics Group and BDC: The right move at the right time


CDG Coast Dynamics Group

While CDG Coast Dynamics Group Ltd. was growing rapidly, this Victoria, British Columbia business also faced a challenge. As a manufacturer of shock‑absorbing seats for high‑end watercraft, and defense vehicles, it had reached maximum capacity at its leased location.

The company, whose clients include the Navy and Special Forces in various countries, needed to make a move to accommodate increased sales and enable increased production. The owners decided it was time to purchase a building that would accommodate their growth. They found a building with additional square footage and a large outside yard that would be perfect as their new home.

Recognizing CDG’s strong potential for growth, BDC provided 100% realty financing which protected their working capital. The purchase enabled CDG to build equity and secure a stable presence close to major transportation routes.

Since moving to its new location, CDG Coast Dynamics Group has seen a 30% increase in sales. Thanks to the larger design and layout of the new premises, the company has increased efficiencies with detailed processes and better inventory control. Furthermore, since putting down permanent roots, CDG has noted enhanced confidence among its employees, customers and suppliers.

“As a result of BDC’s support, we are more competitive and are in a more confident position to achieve the growth we have always wanted,” says CDG co‑owner and Chief Financial Officer, Ray Cao.