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BDC and Capital Insurance Brokers: A move made easy


Capital Insurance Brokers

Edmonton’s Capital Insurance Brokers had outgrown the space from which it operated and needed to find a new home.

The provider of home, auto, and life insurance products for residential and commercial clients throughout Alberta was in need of additional staff to lighten the workload of existing agents. But the space which it had occupied since its founding in 2005 was just too small to accommodate more people.

Owner Jim Carducci found a suitable commercial condo property to purchase. The new location had sufficient space for more staff and would enable Capital to work more efficiently.

With BDC’s support, Capital Insurance was able to purchase the commercial condo and make interior improvements to the space. BDC, recognizing the company’s growth potential, provided high-ratio financing which helped the business preserve working capital while managing the move and expansion.

The new location makes for a more comfortable work environment and has led to increased productivity and a marked improvement in morale. And, in turn, this has had a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

“From the initial purchase of the commercial condo to the completion of construction, my account manager made the process as simple and flawless as possible,” said Carducci.