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BDC and MOBO Promotional Solutions: Boosting a brand


Saskatoon-based MOBO Promotional Solutions had been providing promotional products to a wide number of organizations, corporations and associations of all sizes since 1988. The one-stop shop, which included graphic design and embroidery services, was ready to move to the next level.

The business was aiming to become the exclusive providers of its clients’ promotional and gift items for employees. This would involve increasing inventory, improving turnaround time and developing a B2B website. To do this MOBO needed financial assistance to increase its available cash flow.

Building on their positive history and relationship, BDC supported MOBO in realizing its growth plans. BDC’s working capital with flexible repayment terms and capital postponements enabled MOBO to increase inventory and product selection. In addition, BDC’s advisory experts assisted the business in raising brand awareness and market share and Owners were able to take advantage of BDC financing to cover the cost of advisory fees and action plan implementation. “With BDC’s incredible support, we are gaining valuable tools and resources,” says Juanita King, MOBO President.

MOBO is now serving larger clients and tapping into new markets through both traditional channels and its new online store. A better understanding of the competitive landscape, a more streamlined approach to business and more targeted marketing are helping to bring new clients to MOBO’s doorstep.

“It has been very rewarding to work with BDC,” says King. “We can see a clearer path to becoming a national leader in our industry.”