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BDC and K9 strategy + design: From strategy to solid results


K9 strategy+design, a Toronto-based creative agency, has been helping its clients develop strategies to deal with business challenges since 1998. It specializes in areas such as re-branding, product launches, communications, digital strategies and accelerating sales growth.

The company, which serves entrepreneur-run businesses, had its own challenges. It had set its sights on accelerating growth and developed a plan to achieve that goal. A key element of the plan included hiring an operations manager to help run and oversee daily activities so that the partners would have more time to pursue growth opportunities. But they needed additional funding to make it possible.

“We wanted the freedom and flexibility to go out and grow our business,” says Jennifer Neal, Co-owner. K9 turned to BDC.

BDC recognized that hiring an operations manager would help K9 realize its growth potential. BDC provided K9 with an Xpansion Loan that included flexible repayment terms. The additional funding enabled the company to hire the new manager.

With an operations manager overseeing daily activities, the partners found more time to build relationships and grow the business’s portfolio of products and solutions. Since then, K9 has been able to renovate its office space, rebrand and re-strategize, and hire a Chief Financial Officer. The company is well on its way to achieving all its strategic plan goals.

“We couldn’t have done it without hiring our operations manager and without BDC,” says Neal.