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BDC and Big Head Wines Inc.: A taste for growth


Niagara-on-the Lake Big Head Wines was making a name for itself. Having started out as a virtual business, it had moved up to a brick and mortar winery in 2015. As this family-run company gained momentum, it was finding it difficult to keep up with customer demand for its bold appassimento style wines.

To meet customer demand, the owners needed to quickly increase Big Head Wines production but this could only be achieved with additional funding and a larger staff. They turned to BDC for support.

BDC, recognizing the strong growth potential of this business, rapidly provided two Xpansion loans to help finance additional inventory that would make increased production possible. The loans’ flexible terms and conditions included the possibility of having a portion of the loan re-advanced. “The process was quick and thorough and BDC helped every step of the way,” says Proprietor and Head of Operations Jakub Lipinski. “Being in the service and hospitality industry, it is a relief to see such level of service from the financial sector.”

Big Head Wines also took advantage of BDC advisory services for human resource guidance on hiring additional staff and soon found that the introduction of new human resources procedures and job descriptions made hiring easier.

Within two years, Big Head Wines had doubled its production and was continuing to add to its fast-growing team.

“BDC has been extremely supportive and is helping us hit our aggressive growth targets,” concludes Lipinski.