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BCHAZMAT Management and BDC: Growing by Olympian leaps and bounds

Dave Rogers, BCHAZMAT

BCHAZMAT Management Ltd. is well-known as the leader in Western Canada for safety training, consulting and support systems, as well as hazardous materials management. From training to terrestrial spill response, BCHAZMAT provides expert assistance for all hazmat (hazardous materials and items), dangerous goods and WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) needs.

When the British Columbia-based company had an opportunity to provide training and emergency response capabilities for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, company owner Dave Rogers immediately realized the challenge was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to raise BCHAZMAT’s profile to the international level. But in order to fulfill the contract, it needed additional funds for gear and a required spill kit.

While Rogers—who founded the company following a BDC Business Management Forum in 1997—had enough money to purchase half of the equipment, additional funding was needed. That’s when he turned to BDC Financing, which provided the company with unsecured financing for the remainder of the purchase. A few months later, BCHAZMAT officials realized they needed additional funds to acquire a state of the art mobile chemical testing lab, and again, BDC was able to help.

With BDC’s assistance, BCHAZMAT’s successful involvement in the Olympic Games furthered the company’s reputation for reliability and industry expertise. Since then, its revenues and profitability have continued to grow year over year.

In mid 2013, the company was looking into yet another business opportunity, and the first place management went to for financing was BDC. Now, thanks to BDC's help, new state of the art ground penetrating radar systems are on their way, opening up new possibilities for BCHAZMAT and the staff.

Says Rogers: “BDC was able to supply ready cash to purchase the needed equipment for expansion, and the process was pain-free and personalized. Thanks BDC.”