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Trivel and BDC: Working in tandem toward success


Au coin du pédaleur

In purchasing Trivel in 2014, Au coin du pédaleur’s objective was to grow the brand by capitalizing on new market development. Trivel designs and manufactures orthopedic tricycles for children with disabilities, for whom the three‑wheelers serve as both orthopedic and recreational equipment.

Au coin du pédaleur turned to BDC to increase its working capital to support in the production of more than 100 Trivel tricycles and to market the product line abroad.

BDC was able to meet the business’ working capital needs by providing a customized solution. Au coin du pédaleur also benefited from an Xpansion loan designed specifically for companies looking to grow their business. In addition, BDC worked with Canada Economic Development (CED) and Export Development Canada (EDC) to help the company secure financing to commercialize its products.

The funds injected allowed Au coin du pédaleur to boost production, a key move that saw the company grow. The Xpansion loan was used to penetrate new markets. Trivel was able to take part in five trade shows in the U.S. and Germany, giving it an opportunity to expand its commercial network. As a result, Trivel signed distribution agreements with U.S., German and Swiss suppliers.

“BDC quickly understood our company’s needs,” said Olivier Lajoie, President of Au coin du pédaleur, owner of the Trivel brand. Thanks to its support, we were able to seize opportunities otherwise unavailable to us. BDC’s support allowed us to rally our local partners and at the same time boost our company’s growth.”