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BDC and Achieve Wellness Spa Ltd.: Start‑up exceeds expectations


BDC and Achieve Wellness Spa Ltd.: Start-up exceeds expectations

Fort McMurray residents Alethea and Tom Austin had built a solid business plan for a wellness centre that focused on all aspects of health in a natural way and were waiting for the right time to see it through. That time came when they found the ideal spot in a new mall in the city.

To carry out their plans, they sought funding for renovating the premises and purchasing the required equipment but, as a start-up, they were having difficulty getting the support they needed. “We were lucky enough to be told by a local business owner to contact BDC,” says Alethea.

With BDC’s assistance, the couple completed their renovations and opened for business. “Not only did our account manager believe in us, but he also helped develop a financing plan with BDC and other lenders to make our dream business come true,” adds Alethea.

From the beginning, sales exceeded their expectations. After one full year, the wellness centre’s 33 staff members, including naturopathic doctors, estheticians and physical therapists, were providing quality services and meeting the needs of Fort McMurray residents.

“BDC has so many amazing contacts and they understand business at all levels, including start-ups like ours,” says Alethea. “We are grateful to BDC for believing in our small business and we look forward to growing and expanding our business with BDC.”