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Ekona Power

Prairies and West
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Cleantech Fund I
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About the company

Ekona is developing a novel methane pyrolysis platform that delivers a clean, low-cost and scalable solution for industrial hydrogen production.

Ekona’s pulsed-methane pyrolysis (PMP) solution converts natural gas feedstock into hydrogen and solid carbon, virtually eliminating CO2 emissions. Ekona’s patent-pending PMP reactor uses the principles of pulse-combustion and high-speed gas dynamics to dissociate feedstock methane. This unique reactor is low-cost, scalable and solves carbon fouling issues that plague other pyrolysis platforms. Ekona is targeting industrial hydrogen and natural gas decarbonization markets for its low cost clean hydrogen, and is seeking to leverage new markets for byproduct carbon that can further reduce its hydrogen production costs. In 2020, Ekona was selected by Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada (BESC) as one of ten Canadian cohort companies developing promising high-impact climate solutions.

Ekona was established by Evok Innovations and Innovative Breakthrough Energy Technologies.