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Effenco connects and electrifies heavy vocational trucks to reduce operational costs and emissions with a hybrid plug-and-play technology and a fleet management software. The hybrid Active Stop-StartTM electric technology has been validated by a growing list of blue-chip customers in Canada, New York, California, France and Norway on waste trucks, dump trucks and yard tractors. The nearly 40 employees Montreal based company develops its solutions around the meticulous analysis of empirical data collected continuously since 2006. The technology, resulting from over 10 years of R&D and substantial investment, automatically stops a truck's engine when it is stationary while continuing to provide electric power for auxiliary equipment, saving up to 30 tons of GHG emissions per truck annually. Effenco offers the most-cost effective electric vehicle technology on the market. Effenco's sizable data set combined to its resident in-depth mechanical-electrical engineering expertise and knowledge of heavy vehicles are the foundations on which its technology's value proposition has been developed and adopted by a growing base of customers globally.

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