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Monitoring Your Business Performance

A Financial Management Guide for Entrepreneurs

Do you have the financial data you need to make important business decisions? As an entrepreneur it is not enough to “guesstimate” your financial results. Discover how to build financial processes that allow you to accurately monitor trends and analyze the results to keep your business on track.

You’ll discover:

  • How to create financial reporting processes that ensure accuracy.
  • What information you should include in a financial dashboard and how to analyze it.
  • The four types of financial ratios you can use to track the financial health of your business
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Management reports

Find out how to generate regular management reports that allow you to better forecast results and monitor how your business is performing.

Financial dashboards

Discover what to include in a financial dashboard to get a rapid snapshot of your company’s financial and operational health.

Financial ratios

Learn how to use financial ratios to get an accurate understanding of your business’s liquidity, operations, profitability and financing capacity.

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