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Top 5 light reads for summer 2021

Whether you’re on vacation or still at work, here’s a few of our favourite articles for the summer

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Take it easy this summer. We put together a selection of our top 5 light reads from the BDC website for entrepreneurs. From an inspiring BDC client story to a quiz that measures your entrepreneurial potential, our content selection is suitable for reading anywhere.

1. Client story: Sweet success—Single mom recovering from accident creates award-winning bakery

Get inspired for your own entrepreneurial journey through Lisa Allain’s story. After suffering a horrific accident that left her bedridden for a year, the former nurse started a commercial bakery out of her kitchen. At one point, a sewage line flooded Allain’s kitchen, and she had to move her family to a hotel for two months. Nonetheless, Allain persevered and kept going.

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2. Article: What’s your leadership style?

A one-size-fits-all approach to leadership doesn’t exist. For instance, an advertising agency needs a very different type of team leader than a high-tech manufacturer. To get the most out of your team, figure out what kind of leader you are and if it works for the company. Are you more about the big picture or the small details? Do you say “it’s all good” or “it’s better to do as you’re told”? Personality matters.

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3. Blog post: Imposter syndrome: What if you didn’t have to fake it till you make it

“If you feel doubt, that’s normal and healthy.” BDC Managing Partner Michelle Scarborough has a few thoughts to share about the old adage “fake it till you make it.” Don’t do it. A little doubt is a good thing, says Michelle. She explains how admitting you don’t have all the answers ultimately makes you a better entrepreneur.

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4. Blog post: Let’s recognize the contribution of Black entrepreneurs

After Kunle Tauhid came to Toronto, the only job he could get was working as a bank teller. Despite his two degrees and experience as a branch manager at a large bank back in Nigeria, Tauhid started over completely at the age of 35. His personal and professional experience taught him a lot about working with entrepreneurs in marginalized groups. Now the BDC Vice President of Eastern and Northern Ontario, Tauhid offers some of his best tips for success.

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5. Quiz: What’s your entrepreneurial potential?

This ten-minute quiz assesses your motivations, aptitudes and attitudes as an entrepreneur. Are you motivated by a desire for self-sufficiency? Do you have imagination? Are you action-oriented? Fill out the questionnaire to see how your personality matches up against other Canadian entrepreneurs.

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