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1. Pierre Cléroux

Meet Pierre Cléroux, discover his upcoming and past events, and learn how you request for him to speak at one of your events.

2. What it takes to succeed as a young entrepreneur Article

Discover how Matthew Hickman turned his desire to control his future and make his mark on- the world into a profitable business.

3. 8 tips on how to be taken seriously as a young entrepreneur Advisory Services

Here are 8 ways to inspire confidence in others that you have the right stuff as a young entrepreneur.

4. How to network on social media like a pro Article

With social media, networking has never been easier. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Follow these five essential tips.

5. Build a network to grow your business Article

Business networks connect you with like-minded people who understand the unique challenges you face.

6. How to budget effectively before leasing a commercial space Article

A commercial real estate lease can be one of your biggest business expenses. Here are 3 steps to help you budget effectively and account for hidden costs.

7. How to negotiate effectively when buying commercial real estate Article

A commercial real estate purchase could be your biggest transaction. Here are seven steps to help ensure your negotiating power is at its best.

8. Should I buy or lease my commercial space? Video

Deciding whether to buy or lease a space can be difficult. Consider these pros and cons to help you make the decision that’s best for your business.

9. How to get approved for commercial real estate financing Article

Discover how to increase your chances of getting approved for financing when buying commercial real estate with these seven valuable tips.

10. Why do I need a building condition assessment? Article

Before buying a commercial building, find out whether the purchase is the right decision for you with a building condition assessment.

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