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1. Monthly Economic Letter Economic letter

January 2023 - Many entrepreneurs are grappling with high levels of uncertainty in their business as we begin a new year. To help you gain some clarity on your most pressing concerns, this edition of the economic letter answers the top 10 questions BDC economists have been asked in recent months.

2. Monthly Economic Letter Economic letter

October 2022 - The Canadian dollar has been in free fall recently, dropping to around US$0.73. The last time the Canadian dollar was this weak was two and a half years ago at the start of the pandemic. A low Canadian dollar relative to the U.S. dollar favours exports at the expense of imports, which could be good news in the current economic climate.

3. How to delegate effectively: Tips for entrepreneurs Article

Learn how to better delegate and see how it can help both your company and personal mental health. Understand why you avoid it, what it does to your own health and what steps to take to become better at delegating.

4. Top 7 decision-making tips for managers Article

Improve your decision-making process and learn how making better decisions can help you take advantage of business opportunities and avoid commons pitfalls.

5. Stress management tips for entrepreneurs Article

Learn how to manage stress by taking breaks, taking care of your physical health and seeking help when you need it.

6. Groupe Germain: It’s all in the details Article

Discover how Christiane Germain and her brother Jean-Yves built one of the best-known businesses in Quebec.

7. How to reduce stress and have more energy Article

Be the entrepreneur who arrives at the office every morning with energy to burn. Boost your productivity by following these tips.

8. 7 key leadership skills for entrepreneurs Article

Leadership is almost 100% about managing people. Here are seven key leadership skills all business owners should develop.

9. 5 time management secrets for entrepreneurs Article

What is time management? Organize your day more effectively with these 5 no-nonsense tips.

10. 7 simple steps to organize your day Article

Always feeling rushed and working late to get everything done? Follow these 7 must-do steps to organize your day and accomplish more.

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