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1. Cash is king: How this entrepreneur mastered the basics of financial management Article

Discover how Marc Lindner established proper financial processes that helped him take control of his finances.

2. 5 steps to understanding your costs Article

Discover the 5 steps that can help you implement a proper costing to determine the profitability of your operations and to set prices. Learn more.

3. How this 19-year-old woman built an impressive logging business Article

Discover Shelley Stewart’s story who, as a 19-year-old, pursued her dream and built an impressive logging business. Learn more.

4. Market entry strategy Definition

Learn how a market entry strategy can help businesses sell to new customers or in new countries.

5. Multinational corporation Definition

Learn what is a multinational corporation and how it is different from a global business.

6. Direct marketing Definition

Learn how businesses use direct marketing to reach potential customers.

7. Role descriptions Definition

Find out what a role description is and how it helps employees understand what is required of them.

8. How to become an entrepreneur Article

Learn what you need on your journey to become an entrepreneur, from self-assessments to learning resources.

9. Personal objectives Definition

Find out what personal objectives are and how they help measure an employee’s success.

10. Performance management Definition

Find out more about performance management and how it helps engage employees.

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