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We understand the challenges of building your future

In an industry known for its market shifts and slim margins, it’s hard to find the cash you need to invest in your future. To manage periods of market growth and adapt to fluctuations, you need to increase your capacity and diversify your client base. Let us help you fully exploit the market potential.

Solutions for your industry

Financing tailored to your needs

  • Access working capital to support your growth
  • Invest in technology to expedite sales and engineering processes
  • Purchase equipment and diversify business assets
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Advisory services to run a better business

  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Create a strategic growth plan
  • Overcome labour shortages with an HR strategy
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Benefit from flexible terms and expert advice

Higher percentage of financing

Longer repayment periods

Payments matched to your cash flow

Seasoned advisors who know your industry

Steve Beaton
My life is ten times better since BDC’s Management Framework helped me re-think my business and improve team engagement, organizational flow and efficiency.
Mark Wyatt
With a solid management framework, BDC has helped us secure buy-in from our team on a clear company vision aligned with our values, as well as structured work processes to improve our business performance.
Ben Sikkema
With our manufacturing facility layout, we’re now working more efficiently and have improved production capacity.

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