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We understand what you need to reach new heights

In a high-margin low-volume industry, it can be tough to find cash to invest in costly growth initiatives. We can help you diversify your market and increase efficiency to offset long and expensive development cycles through a range of solutions developed specifically for your industry.

Solutions for your industry

Financing tailored to your needs

  • Access working capital to offset R&D costs
  • Invest in new, more efficient equipment
  • Expand your production facilities

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Advisory services to run a better business

  • Improve inventory management to reduce costs
  • Diversify clients and increase your sales
  • Develop a strategic plan to find growth avenues

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We can help you meet your goals

Benefit from flexible terms and expert advice

Higher percentage of financing

Longer repayment periods

Payments matched to your cash flow

Seasoned advisors who know your industry

Articles and tools


How JD Development Group created a market for upscale student residences


A working capital plan can help with growing pains


Workforce efficiency benchmarking tool


Intellectual property simulation

BDC can finance the cost of advisory services.

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