Cover operational cash flow needs related to supply chain disruptions

Supply chain support loan

Up to $500,000

Term financing

Up to 12 months

Principal payment postponement

No penalty

For repaying your loan earlier

If supply chain delays and disruptions are impacting your operations, you could qualify for a loan between $100,000 and $500,000 to help maintain your cash flow and meet financial obligations.*

Financing you can use to

  • Access patient capital

    Meet suppliers’ requirements and ease your cash flow management.

  • Fund operational cash flow needs

    Allow for greater flexibility of your supply chain management.

  • Improve profitability

    Upgrade inventory management practices to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Financing tailored to your needs

  • Unparalleled flexibility

    Repay the loan over a period of up to 60 months (including initial principal postponement).

  • A “beyond the numbers” approach

    We look beyond banking ratios, including management expertise and the potential of your project.

  • Peace of mind

    Our terms and conditions don’t change without due cause. Plus, we don’t take personal assets as collateral for the loan.

Financing tailored to your needs

Specialized financing solutions available

Specialized financing solutions available

If you have an asset-light company or require solutions that go beyond conventional financing, our Growth & Transition Capital experts can help you structure a financial package with repayment and interest terms adapted to your needs, without diluting ownership.

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If you are an Indigenous entrepreneur or a newcomer to Canada, discover solutions designed for you.

* Subject to approval. Certain conditions apply.