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After answering eligibility questions to see if you qualify to request Start-up financing, tell us about your project, your business and yourself.

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Business acquisition

Is your financing request for a business acquisition?


Are you the business owner OR do you have the right to request financing for the business instead of the owner(s)?


Age of majority

Have all the shareholders reached the age of maturity (in their province or territory of residence)?


Canadian business

In the case of incorporation, is the business incorporated according to Canadian laws?


In the case of a sole proprietorship, is the owner a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?



Is your business involved in any of the following:

  • A government organization, a syndicate, a charity or a religious organization
  • Violence, discrimination based on race, ethnicity or origin, skin colour, religion, sex, age, physical or mental invalidity, or sexual exploitation - directly or indirectly
  • Doing business in one of the countries proscribed by the government of Canada

Revenue generation

How long has your business been generating revenues?


Have you filed for consumer proposals or declared bankruptcy in the last 5 years?


Good news!

You’re eligible to apply for financing from BDC.

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