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Solutions for entrepreneurs in the aerospace industry

Benefit from our extensive experience in the aerospace industry! Discover a wide range of flexible advisory and financing solutions that can help you secure the next big contract, invest in product development, pass certification inspections and compete outside your domestic market.


Patient, flexible financing so you can invest in new contracts

Ease the pressure

Obtain working capital so you can cover development and production costs until you’re paid

Fund your growth

Get the financing you need by using your contract as collateral; BDC recognizes its value

Get some breathing room

Take advantage of our flexible repayment terms to purchase efficiency-enhancing equipment and technology

Become more competitive

Meet the upfront demands of larger players who operate outside the domestic market

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Advisory services

Advisory services to succeed in a highly competitive industry

We can help you:

  • increase efficiency so you can meet growing market demands;
  • obtain product certification so you can deliver on your contract sooner;
  • develop a strategic plan so you can seize the right opportunities;
  • improve HR practices so you can increase productivity and reduce turnover; and
  • explore new market opportunities so you can secure new contracts.
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Top 3 reasons to choose BDC

A patient lender, rain or shine

  • Loans with stable terms and conditions that don’t change without due cause
  • No repayment on demand clause

Experienced advisors

We can help you develop efficient, impactful solutions thanks to our extensive experience in the aerospace industry

More than the money

Get access to members of our network as well as plenty of practical advice and information

BDC’s financing support was instrumental for Neptec Technologies Corp. to commercialize proven space technologies and deliver its first innovative products. Neptec Technologies Corp. continues to grow its business in new verticals.
BDC distinguished itself by providing a well quantified report based on accurate data, with tables, figures and comparatives that “speak” to an entrepreneur. The BDC report accurately sets out the financial benefits Alta Precision could achieve if we implement BDC’s recommendations. This made the decision much easier.