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Equipment Line

Financing with guaranteed terms and conditions

Get a higher percentage of financing to cover your project’s total costs and take up to 12 months to buy equipment.

Get financing* to cover the cost of new or used equipment and related expenses, so you can expand and modernize operations, and replace out-of-date machinery.

Our Equipment Line can be used for:

  • Production line machinery and equipment
  • Specialized technology, such as lab equipment
  • Commercial vehicles and much more

Benefits for your business

  • Comprehensive financing

    • Cover your purchase cost as well as related expenses, such as shipping, installation and training
  • Convenience

    • Flexibility to make purchases over a 12-month period based on a pre-approved amount
    • Take the time to source the right equipment
    • Quick and easy disbursement of funds, adapted to your purchasing needs
  • Flexible terms to protect your cash flow

    • Benefit from a repayment period of 5 years
    • Repayment schedules matched to your cash flow cycle
    • Pay off your loan at any time without penalty (applies only to a loan with a floating interest rate)
  • Affordable

    • No standby or cancellation fees

*If you are a manufacturer, an exporter, or you are planning to export, you can benefit from more advantageous terms and conditions. Certain conditions apply.