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“We were ready to take our company to the next level, but could only do so with a significant investment to upgrade our technology and improve quality and production capacity.”

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West Coast Marine Bio-Processing Corp.

Boost your productivity and efficiency with an Equipment Line

Get financing for a high percentage of your purchase cost and take up to 12 months to buy equipment.

Cover the cost of new or used equipment so you can expand and modernize operations, and replace out-of-date machinery, while protecting your cash flow. Our Equipment Line can be used for:

  • Production line machinery and equipment
  • Specialized technology, such as lab equipment
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Related expenses, such as shipping, installation and training
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Benefits for your business

  • Purchase equipment over a 12-month period with guaranteed terms and conditions
  • Take the time to source the right equipment and negotiate with vendors from a position of strength
  • Benefit from quick and easy disbursement of funds adapted to your purchasing needs, provided you remain within your limit
Flexible repayment terms to protect your cash flow
  • Postpone your capital payments for the first 12 months, followed by a repayment period of 5 years
  • Match payments to the seasonal or progressive cash flow pattern of your business
  • Pay off your loan in part or in full at any time without penalty
  • No standby or cancellation fees
  • Security registration fees paid by BDC

How to use Equipment Line to make your purchases

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