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Equipment financing

Cover the cost of new or used equipment

Get a higher percentage of financing to cover your project’s total costs and benefit from flexible terms.

Get financing* to cover the purchase cost of new or used equipment and related expenses, so you can expand and modernize operations, and replace out-of-date machinery.

Our Equipment loan can be used to purchase:

  • Production line machinery and equipment
  • Specialized technology, such as lab equipment
  • Commercial vehicles and much more

If you need more time to find the right equipment, apply for an Equipment Line.

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Benefits for your business

Comprehensive financing

  • Cover your purchase cost as well as related expenses, such as shipping, installation and training

Flexible repayment terms to protect your cash flow

  • Postpone your capital payments for up to 24 months at the start of the loan, followed by a repayment period of up to 12 years
  • Repayment schedules matched to your cash flow cycle
  • Pay off your loan at any time without penalty (applies only to a loan with a floating interest rate)

Limited personal risk

  • Your personal assets are not taken as collateral for the loan

Peace of mind

  • Terms and conditions that don’t change without due cause

*If you are a manufacturer, an exporter, or you are planning to export, you can benefit from more advantageous terms and conditions. Certain conditions apply.

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BDC was a first-rate partner in my acquisition of Meubles Jaymar Corp. The financing framework for the equipment, coupled with the support they provided to improve productivity, was exactly what Jaymar needed to bolster its strategic growth plan.

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