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Financing to transfer a business

Make a successful business transition

Benefit from our extensive experience in business transition financing. Our professionals will work with you to find the optimal financing structure to ensure a smooth transition.

If you've decided to retire or move on to other ventures, the buyers of your business may need financing so you can get your equity out.

Whether you're passing the business along to family members or selling it to management, employees or an outside buyer, we offer several long-term financing options depending on your circumstances.

  • A long-term loan based on the value of your fixed assets such as land, buildings, equipment or shares in an existing business
  • An unsecured loan for intangible assets such as intellectual property, goodwill and client lists
  • Vendor take-back financing
  • Our Growth & Transition Capital team of experts also provides a range of flexible, non-dilutive mezzanine solutions as well as minority equity investment to help you put together a financial package that is viable and advantageous.
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