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Post-merger integration

Advisory services for mergers and acquisitions

Governance and focus to maximize value and synergies

Post-merger Integration (PMI) is designed for mid-sized businesses looking to secure the most benefit from a merger or acquisition. Using a structured approach, you work on optimizing the integration between your companies to maximize your investment.

Your BDC team supports you throughout the integration process, providing you with expert advice, coaching and proprietary tools. Together, you build a plan according to your company’s capabilities.

Your integration. Our framework.

If you’re pursuing a merger or have just secured an acquisition, our rigorous approach helps you to:

  • Secure the most value from your merger or acquisition
  • Capture synergies and reduce operational risk
  • Build a solid governance structure to drive your integration
  • Align management, involve key stakeholders, and manage cultural conflicts
  • Learn best practices to manage the integration on your own later
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Drive a successful integration with our methodology:

Phase 1: Integration drivers

  • Confirm strategic intent of your transaction
  • Identify potential synergies between companies
  • Assess and mitigate risks

Phase 2: Readiness assessment

  • Assess company capabilities by function
  • Identify potential integration issues

Phase 3: Integration blueprint

  • Build action plan to achieve expected synergies
  • Plan communications to facilitate change management
  • Establish dashboard to measure performance

Phase 4: Implementation plan execution

  • Build momentum during first 100 days of plan
  • Monitor key parameters for quick adjustments
  • Ensure ability to continue autonomously after 100 days

Find out how BDC can help you get the most from your merger or acquisition.

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