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VEERUM provides a high resolution, 3D asset visualization application for the oil and gas, mining, and infrastructure sectors. These assets may be refineries, pipelines, well pads, dams or other industrial facilities, whether pre-existing (brownfield) or in construction (greenfield). The cloud-hosted application ingests, aggregates, analyzes and visualizes asset data for all stakeholders (including non-subject matter experts) using the latest digital tools.

VEERUM's SaaS application acts as a single source of truth that is updated in near-real time and reduces the need for physical site visits. This allows for easy comparison of assets under construction with engineering designs/plans and quick identification of anomalies/clashes to ensure that construction remains on schedule and costly rework is minimized. Post-construction, facility owners use the data-rich 3D model to operate and maintain their assets remotely. The platform can also be used for creating digital twins of older assets (brownfield applications).

Investment year: 2021
Industry sector: Industrial products
Region: Prairies and West
BDC Venture Capital Partner

Guillaume Mercier


Aman Goyal

Associate Principal