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Outcast is leading a new product category which is responding to the growing demand for healthy snacks, supplements and ingredients that are both good for people and the environment. Our first-of-its-kind sustainable food technology, upcycling facilities and B2B ingredients business will supply the needs of other forward-thinking consumer brands. We work with local farmers, grocers, and food manufacturers, taking their rejected, irregular, or past date surplus fruits and vegetables.

We use our proprietary processes to manufacture delicious dried whole foods and powders, which are used in a variety of products from pet food to protein powders, and branded dietary supplements. These nutrient-dense, long shelf-life products dramatically reduce food waste, create high quality domestic supply chains, and eliminate waste disposal costs.

We are the first patent-pending zero waste upcycling technology company that is actively reducing food waste. Our products are packaged in 100% recyclable bags made with compostable material, appealing to increasing consumer awareness of waste reduction and helping to sustain our planet’s food sources.

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