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Flyscan Systems Inc. is a spin-off from Canada's National Optics Institute founded in 2015. Its mission is help energy companies to better protect their infrastructure and the environment with a positive financial return. Based in Quebec City, the company has benefited from substantial financial support from Canada's Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). Our strategic investors and partners include Enbridge and BDC Capital’s Cleantech Fund.

Flyscan is the first company in the world to automate airborne oil leak detection and pipeline right-of way visual inspection, using a suite of custom-made sensors and start-of-the-art software algorithms. With our Ultraviolet lasers, multi-spectral cameras, ground-mapping Lidars and advanced analytics, Flyscan will enable pipeline operators and oil producers to perform early detection of small leaks and other integrity risks, minimizing remediation costs and environmental damages.